Sulu, Natasha nominated?

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> by mitia on 6/25/13

JUST as correctly predicted in last week’s Tuesday edition of the Big Brother update that the Zambian charismatic contender Sulu might land his first nomination, so it has happened.

The Zambian male housemate popularly referred to as “Sulu international” at the weekend bragged that he was immune to nomination. By press time, he accrued most of the rubies nominating votes together with Malawi’s Natasha.

One wonders what will become of Natasha when she gets to hear that the joy of being saved has once again been cut short.

On Sunday, during the live eviction show, there was drama when the highly anticipating Natasha’s name was called by IK. She even stated waving her national flag believing that she was the next to be evicted.

“Natasha…..Natasha… Natasha darling you are safe!” announced IK sending the Malawian into wild celebrations.

Natasha actually ran out of the house into the garden ignoring the other impending announcement of who was leaving. It was clear that the Malawian diva was simply interested in her fate; period. Natasha has three countries behind her that include Zambia, Malawi, and Zimbabwe.

Now, the cheery Tswana female housemate Motamma and Ethiopia’s beauty Betty were on Sunday evening showed the door out of the Big Brother house becoming the seventh and eighth contenders to land the eviction boots from the competition.

This was during a colorful live eviction show that saw Zambia’s gospel music luminary Pompi grace the show. Details on his successful performance will be unveiled in the Friday entertainment page.

Betty’s story is as tight as she got equal country votes with three other contenders but using the tie breaking mechanism, she was the unfortunate one to land the lowest average votes.

Unlike Motamma, Betty was visibly thwarted with her eviction as she old IK that she always thought she was the best in the house destined to win the US$ 300,000.

“I am very sad because I used to think that I was the best in the house and that I was going to win the money but now I am out … I will definitely miss Bolt, he is a good guy,” Betty had to say.

For the Tswana beauty Motamma, the story is different. Motamma was actually not nominated but was simply a victim of the head of house swap prerogative that saw the initially nominated Annabel save herself and put Motamma on the chopping Block.

When Motamma’s name was announced as the next evictee by the charismatic show host IK, the Tswana diva smiled her way out to the eviction door after giving some good love hugs and pecks to the remaining housemates.

When she finally stepped out on the evection stage to face the reality of the screaming audience, Motamma just got carried away in trying to connect with the live audience such that IK had a hard time in trying to separate her from her fans.

When finally the two, IK and Motamma, got their positions on the Airtel seat for the eviction interview, IK took Motamma into a moving and tear-jerking memory when she received the heartbreaking news from Big Brother in the Diary room that she had lost her grand father.

The sorrowful moment in the diary room had to call for Big Brother to ask Montamma if she wanted anyone to be with her in the diary room as he talked to her.

She just had to call for the Tanzanian beauty Feza who she described as her true friend.

The video refreshed the memories in Motamma such that she could not manage to hold back her tears once again as she asked IK why he had to remind her again of such a heart breaking moment.

Anyway, Motamma is gone as she received the lowest votes from all the participating countries after recording no country vote.

This was because it was also clear that Botswana opted to save Oneal for Motamma. Nando bagged the highest country votes.

Drama continues especially after the latest nomination.

The Chase is now heating up as evident from what is happening in the house. Remember that you as the viewer are part of this chase. Get involved through voting.

Each week voting opens immediately after Monday night’s nomination show and closes at 06:00 CAT on Sunday morning.

There are three ways to vote to keep your favourite housemate in Big Brother: The Chase – via web, SMS or mobile site.

You can also win amazing prizes by voting in the process, like DStv HD PVR’s and DStv Walkas.

To vote via web or mobisite, go to the official website

Log in, click ‘Vote’ and then click the appropriate button for the housemate you’d like to keep in the house.

You may vote once per hour on the website or again one per hour on the mobile site. It is that simple!

To vote via SMS, send the word VOTE, followed by the name of the housemate you would like to keep in the game, to the number 414.

This applies to all networks.

SMS’s are charged at specified network tariffs in the various countries. VAS rates apply. Free minutes do not apply. Please note that you can vote 100 times by SMS per telephone number during each voting period.

Big Brother: The Chase fans can catch all the latest news, video, and all-important voting information at www.

Stay tuned to DStv channels 197 and 198 for all the Big Brother: The Chase action 24/7, or catch the daily shows on AfricaMagic Entertainment at 20:00 CAT, Tuesday-Friday with highlights of the week on Saturday at 20:00 CAT.

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