Kalaba calls for urgency in project implementation

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Deputy Minister in the Office of the Vice President Harry Kalaba says there is need to apply a sense of urgency in the implementation of all government projects.

Speaking when he inspected bridges being constructed by the Road Development Agency (RDA) in Kabwe district, Mr Kalaba said it is important to ensure that all government projects are completed within the stipulated time in order to give time for the implementation of other projects on the developmental agenda.

Mr Kalaba said it is time for politicians to reduce on politics and instead direct their energies towards developing the country as the Zambian people did not vote them into power to wear neck ties and sit in Parliament but to bring development to their respective areas.

He noted that there is need to ensure that all projects meant to prevent flooding in the coming rain season are completed before the onset of the rains as the country cannot afford to have a situation where some places are cut off due to flooding as the situation has been in past years.

Mr Kalaba said government will always be responsive to the needs of the people who voted them in, adding that the Patriotic Front government will do everything possible to avoid a repetition of the same problems annually.