SOME ‘impatient’ senior Patriotic Front members in Mandevu constituency allegedly want to dethrone area Member of Parliament Jean Kapata even before her term of office comes to an end.
Ms Kapata claimed in an interview yesterday that the same senior party officials were also working against President Lungu and that their activities had caused divisions in the ruling party in the area.
Ms Kapata said there was a senior party official who was allegedly sponsoring some junior party members to cause confusion in the constituency.

“Ever since the intra party elections were held, there has been confusion because some individuals wanted to contest certain positions so now they are being sponsored by a certain senior party member whom I won’t mention by name.
“Whilst we were busy defending Mr Edgar Lungu to be president, the same senior members were on the other side with Guy Scott mentioning our names so that we can be expelled but today he wants to be a star and want someone to take over my position, I know him, he wants to stand but he doesn’t speak English and he has a fake Grade 12 qualification, “she warned.

She said Mandevu constituency could not afford to be divided as it was one of the constituencies in Lusaka which led to PF’s victory in last elections, saying that she would not allow any party member to continue causing confusions in the area.
She appealed to President Lungu to look into the infighting in her constituency and warned that enough was enough and that it was time she fought for what was right for the people of Mandevu.
“I have a mandate to deliver to the people of Mandevu but some party members are paying members as low as from the ward level to insult me. Enough is enough I will fight for what is right, I want to stand and see who is fighting me, “she said.
And Ms Kapata also charged that there were some party members who had selfish motives and were working against the president.

She said she was aware of some senior party members who were praying and hoping that the Constitutional Court would rule against President Lungu’s eligibility to contest the 2021 elections.
“Thank God the ruling was in favour of His Excellency because some senior members thought the ruling would be against the President so that they take over. But I must warn them that time is limited for them,” she said.