Dora Siliya

Government says it is being unpatriotic for stakeholders to accuse it of being insincere on the total debt stock as announced by Finance Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe recently.

Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya said this in reference to a Bloomberg media report insinuating that the total debt stock could be more than the $8.7 Billion Dollars that Ms. Mwanakatwe announced.

Ms. Siliya who is Information and Broadcasting Services Minister says government has no interest in lying to the public on whatever, matter.

She says the perceived levels of mistrust between government and the governed does not exist but only some excitement especially in the media by being sensational to get noticed and also a result of excitement by some people.

Meanwhile, Ms. Siliya has announced that government will next week release K200 Million Kwacha to dismatle the debt owed to 400 Small and Medium scale road contractors that have not yet been paid.

And commenting on allegations by the opposition that UN resident Coordinator Janet Rogan helped the PF rig the 2016 general elections, Ms. Siliya says government is saddened that people are now trying to tarnish the good relations that exist between Zambia and other major organizations.

She was addressing the media in Lusaka.


  1. Did the opposition allege that UN resident Coordinator Janet Rogan HELPED the PF rig the 2016 general elections or the allegation was that Ms Rogan in her analysis of the elections was sympathetic to the PF?

  2. What so special about Rogan? She is just one of the incomptance coordinator in department of UNDP . She is useless. Let her go back to New York. I doubt, for she will be given another job.