Leave Anthony Mukwita out of this – Maureen Nkandu


Leave Anthony Mukwita out of this:

I’m not one to dwell on social media issues but this I have to state: I’ve read on an online platform, Imbuto-pa-Zed, that the jealous diplomat who posted nonsense about Cosmas and I is now falsely accusing his friend Anthony Mukwita, Ambassador to Germany of having done so.

Meet Cosmas Chileshe, my best friend. And for the record, he’s not 35 years old.

He’s lied that I’ve visited Anthony in Germany several times in recent months. The last time I was in Germany was in 1996!

This so-called diplomat hides behind a number of fake FB names to attack leadership of the the same party PF, that appointed him into diplomatic service. Reptile! Snake in the bag.

Maureen Nkandu
Maureen Nkandu


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  1. Emmanuel Mwamba is the a repitile , a snake I the green grass. Who does he think, he is? Maureen wachita bwino wamuchenjesha sana. Mwamba is a dog, who should not be intertained , he can bit you . Ni mbwa sana