The Ministry of Religious Affairs must be banned – Shimunza

The Movement for National Transformation (MNT) has called for ban or close of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and National Guidance citing betrayal and failure by the Ministry to uphold Zambian values.

MNT leader Daniel Shimunza has observed that the Ministry has only managed to champion PF led government programs that do not include opposition parties.

Mr. Shimunza also feels the Ministry has failed to unite churches and the nation at large as it takes partisan stands on several issues consequently dividing the nation politically.

He tells Radio Chikuni News that the Ministry has failed to condemn serious human rights violations, violence, corruption, and other negative practices by the ruling party.

Mr. Shimunza further observes that the Ministry has no clear regulatory framework to regulate itself as it duplicates works done by Ministries of Home Affairs, Registrar of Societies, and Patents and Copy rights agency, PACRA resulting in conflicts of currently unresolved issues on church registration.

He says if the ministry is not immediately reformed, banned or restructured it may end up denting the legacy of the Presidency.

Chikuni Community Radio Station