By Joseph Kangwa Socialist Party Chingola Coordinator

In a situation of injustice and oppression and exploitation it will not be surprising when people look for different socio-political and ideological solutions to what they perceive as the causes of their present suffering.
Zambia today is no exception to this general situation. And to this effect, the Socialist Party of Zambia could not have come at a better time than this when the Patriotic Front government has become profoundly repressive against the opposition political parties in its quest to maintain capitalism political hegemony.

The majority of our leaders regard themselves as victims of a vicious system of a rampant individualism and racism that has been able to claim respectability by aligning itself apparently with capitalism ;they stand for the supreme value of the individual. Nobody has the right to interfere with their leadership as far as they are concerned. Whoever tries to stand in their way easily gets trampled upon.The importance and influence in society lies in the amount of property or money which they own. They are exploiting us by lowering the wages of workers and by the introduction of new taxes and also increasing prices of goods as such we are forced to pay taxes and buy goods at excessively high prices in order for them to continue reigning supreme.
In such a situation I vehemently opine that capitalism has been part of the problems that need solving by putting in place different socio-political ideologies which will counter the squalid effects of capitalism.

Reflecting on the foregoing, the emergence of the recently launched Socialist Party (SP) on 31st March, 2018. Though a fledgling party, it shows great signs of promoting interests of the poor, peasants and the working class.I can foretell that Zambia shall soon be freed from the shackles of the capitalist system.

Therefore, I would like to offer, on behalf of the people of the Copperbelt province and the Zambians at large, my warmest congratulations to the Socialist Party (SP) for the successful launch! It is gratifying that most of the people have welcomed the SP with greater hope and confidence. I wish to say that the party has our unanimous support.

Suffice to say that, even if Zambia is a Christian nation we cannot remain silent in the face of injustice. I want to emphasise that God does not liberate alone, He liberates together with us!
It’s high time we built socialism in Zambia which is the only hope that can promote and defend the class interests of Zambian workers, peasants, students and the poor people and all the people of Zambia.

Nevertheless, as the people of Zambia, especially us youths, we should have a greater sense of responsibility to build socialism in our country.
That said, I am calling upon all the youths and the people of Zambia to join hands with the Socialist Party (SP) members who are striving for socialism and communism, to have a firm determination to see to it that the implementation of building socialism in Zambia will improve the people’s standard of living and conditions. All this can only be achieved when we display a revolutionary spirit and vigorously push ahead with socialist construction.