Patriotic Front-PF has suspended Miles Sampa


The Patriotic Front-PF has suspended its Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa from the party’s Central Committee and from participating in party activities for 6 weeks. This is due to a press briefing Mr Sampa held last week that was deemed to be in poor taste and highly condemned as it disparaged his fellow party presidential aspirants.

The decision was made after a meeting by the central committee. During the suspension, Mr Sampa is banned from attending party meetings and making public statements on behalf of the party. The party has also ordered a stop to all campaigns by presidential candidates until new rules of engagement are agreed upon and voted by the party. Speaking about the party’s achievements, Acting Party President Given Lubinda said the Patriotic Front wanted to regulate the mining sector, increase Zambian ownership of mines, and increase ZCCM-IH’s shareholding in mines on behalf of Zambians.