Zambia expels Cuban Ambassador for supporting Socialist Party in Zambia

Revolutionary greetings from the Cuban Ambassador to Zambia Nelson Pages Vilas.

Govt expels Cuban Ambassador for attending and addressing Opposition Party

Lusaka-Sunday 1st April 2018

President Edgar Lungu has expelled the Cuban Ambassador accredited to Zambia.

On Saturday Cuban Ambassador to Zambia Nelson Pages Vilas, graced the launch of the Socialist Party in Zambia.

In what he described as a Revolutionary greeting, the Ambassador said his government was wishing the Socialist Party in Zambia all the best.

But President Lungu said Ambassador Pages-Vilas has breached diplomatic ethics, practice and standards by his action.

President Lungu was speaking through his Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations, Amos Chanda when he addressed the media at Taj Pamodzi Hotel


  1. I’m Cuban, and very glad your government kicked that guy out.
    My country, Cuba, spreads world-wide the miseries of communism; just take a look at Venezuela, a country with the largest oil reserves in the world, but the Castro-Chavistas, in less than a decade transform that prosperous nation in a repressive narco-communist dictatorship, and its people in beggars.
    Don’t let the commies ruin your beautiful land !!!