Dora Siliya
Dora Siliya

Chief Government Spokesperson, Hon. Dora Siliya has stated that despite the fact that Government is doing very well economically and on other fronts, more still needs to be done to ensure that the growth in the economy trickles down to the poor and vulnerable Citizens so that they can afford decent housing, decent sanitation, adequate nutrition and decent wages for decent Jobs.

” Am aware that much work needs to be done in the area of cheap and accessible financing especially for new businesses, Jobs for the youth, early disbursements of farmers subsidy on the e-voucher and enhanced access to medical and education facilities.” She said.

” Also of note is the state of many bridges and feeder roads, especially during the rainy season. coupled with lack of electricity supply, our rural areas are in need of investment, especially from the private sector. ” She added.

Meanwhile, Hon. Siliya has stated that she will remain open to receive feedback on how those in Government can effectively deliver development to the People of Zambia and Co-exist with various stakeholders, including those from the opposition.

” It is My role to liaise with both the Presidency and the Patriotic Front Party in harmonizing Government Programmes according to His Excellency President Edgar Lungu’s vision for Zambia as espoused in the Patriotic Front Manifesto and the 7th National Development Plan.” She said.

And the Minister has called on all Zambian’s to be Patriotic and put their nation first starting today.

” We must put Zambia first and start a new path today. But not in a manner that isolates oneself on the basis of tribe, religion, Political affiliation, race or even social standing.” She said.

” Let us put Zambia First by saying and doing that which will make our country stay united and remain peaceful and a beacon of hope and opportunity for all.” She added.