UN approves $6.5m funding for DRC refugees in Zambia


THE United Nations (UN) has approved USD$6.5 million humanitarian funding to support Zambia in aiding refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
The funding was approved two weeks ago under the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF).
Food Agriculture Organisation (FAO) country representative George Okech said this would facilitate establishment of Mantapala Refugee Settlement in Nchelenge District, a development that would accommodate more refugees and provide better services to the displaced people.
“I am happy that Zambia continues to lead the response to the DRC refugee situation. The funding will accommodate more refugees and improve service provision the people,” Mr Okech said.
He said this in Lusaka recently.

Mr Okech said African conflict could be prevented and peace maintained in on the continent and Zambia was crucial to the process.
He said Zambia’s attribute as a peace haven placed the country in a strong position to help other States on the continent sustain peace and end conflicts that resulted in displacement of the people.
“To repeat what many other people have said, this peace must not be taken for granted but cherished because the country’s future depends on it,” Mr Okech said.
He said having achieved co-existence among the 73 ethnic groups living in Zambia, the nation’s peace record was a vital commodity which should be nurtured for sustainability in the country.