Finance Minister Felix Mutati

United Party for National Development (UPND) MP and Chief Whip for opposition in parliament Garry Nkombo has charged that Edgar Lungu and his government have destroyed the economy by allowing an upward adjustment of fuel pump price.

Speaking when he featured on Panafrican Radio this morning, Mr Nkombo says the Indeni Oil utility Company could have been better managed by understanding the importance of subsidies so that the burden is not transfered to end users like Marketeers, Bus operators, Vendors and all the poor Zambians who are relying on public transport to move from one place to another.

He says fuel is key to every economy as it influences the cost of other comodities on the market.

Mr Nkombo says “when you increase the cost of fuel, the cost of transporting tomatoes goes up, meaning the cost of buying tomatoes will also go up.”

“Leaders are there to make sure alternative measures are explored to help address the problems people are faced with.”Mr Nkombo has said.

“If UPND was in power, we would remove so many middle men in the procurement of fuel so as to address the fuel pump price.This is what we would do.We would also reduce on the revenues paid by Indeni so as to maintain the fuel pump price to benefit the people.This is what PF cannot do.”

And reacting to Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General Davies Mwila’s statement on the cancelled UPND card renewal exercise in Eastern Province , and that the UPND is used to crying, Mr Nkombo charged that Mwila should watch for the UPND popularity in Eastern Province ahead of the forthcoming Card Renewal exercise.

“Mwila himself knows that his party is so scared of allowing the UPND to freely conduct the card renewal exercise because he knows that PF is finished.”

The lawmaker also says Home Affairs Minister Kampyongo has been engaged by the Party and the Party hopes for a positive response.

“We are an organized party which respects institutions.Kampyongo is my colleague …we meet at parliament and we discuss a number of national issues.We met him this morning at his office and we had a succesful meeting, and we hope for the best”.

Mr Nkombo further charged that the ECZ helped Mr Edgar Lungu to get into State House.

“Let them hear our petition you will see for yourself. That is why we are in court.ECZ Public relations Manager Ms Chimanse has no morality in commenting on campaigns because the ECZ has breached the constitution.They have failed to hold two by-elections within the 90 days provided for in the constitution.”

“If we did not win the election, we would not have been in court”.

“The tension we have today is because of Justice Essau Chulu’s decisions.And I challenge him to a debate”.

Mr Nkombo says the Public Order Act is a Colonial law which is being used against those with dissenting views by the PF.He says the PF should look at what is happening in other countries in the region and realize that leaders come and go.

“We have had leaders before Edgar Lungu ,and they are no longer in leadership.Look at the lessons in Kenya and South Africa….The Judiciary has a pivotal role to play in the administration of justice.”

“Look at the reshuffles.., why put Mwanakatwe at Ministry of Finance when we know that her leadership is on a balance?And we take Mutati who is more sound to take care of old buildings….If i were him i could have just said thank you Mr President for giving me an opportunity to run the Ministry of Finance.

“Poverty starts with government .I am a product of the University of Zambia and graduated in 1988, I was educated by the dictator ,Kenneth Kaunda and I am here today because I got this education.Therefore, we demand that government opens Kwame Nkhruma and other Universities with immediate effect.”.Mr Nkombo has said.

Mr Nkombo also wonders where the TV levy collected by ZNBC is going and why Workers at ZNBC cannot be paid on time.

“A K5 paid by every household across the country is a lot of money which, if properly managed ,would address the challenges facing ZNBC today.But due to poor leadership,ZNBC has suffered setbacks.”

And commenting on the Health Insurance Bill, Mr Nkombo said he hopes the bill does not see the end of the day in parliament because there was no proper consultation of stakeholders.