Lawrence Evans troubled by Silvester Simayaba’s tribal remarks

Newly elected member of Parliament for Livingstone Central Lawrence Evans and his wife

The PF leadership in Southern Province has been taken aback and is disturbed over tribal remarks attributed to disgruntled UPND Mazabuka member, Silvester Simayaba who has accused the PF in the Province of allegedly being disorganised and sidelining Tongas in leadership positions.

As PF in Southern Province we are however comforted because Simayaba’s assertions are nothing but figments of his own imagination and not the reality on the ground, but perhaps a reality of what UPND stands for and believes in. We say so because Simayaba is the latest on a long list of UPND officials who preach divisive tribal politics.

PF is beyond this cheap shallow tribalism talk and for the benefit of people like Simayaba and his minions who desire to survive on this thin line political machination, we will endeavour to breakdown the tribes holding PF positions in the 13 districts in Southern Province so that Simayaba is exposed for who he truly is a liar.

In Kazungula, Livingstone and Zimba Districts our top district officials are Lozi, while in Sinazongwe, Gwembe, Pemba, Mazabuka, and Chikankanta our officials are Tonga with only four districts held by Bemba officials in Kalomo, Namwala, Choma, Monze and one eastener in Siavonga District.

We are proud of this tribal balancing in fact we need more tribes to come onboard because PF does not look at where one comes from but for as long as one is a Zambian and has the capacity and ability to make a contribution they are considered unlike the party to which Simayaba belongs and hence he could stand on a platform and without any sense of shame accuse the PF of allegedly sidelining Tonga speaking people in leadership positions in Southern Province.

Anyway we understand Simayaba was trying to impress his bosses who think like him but did not do his research, in any case Simayaba is a disgruntled individual even know later lone understand research. For a person without a grade 12 certificate we will be expecting too much from the man who is living in denial after he was lured to join the UPND towards the 2016 General elections on the promise that he will contest for the Mazabuka Mayoral position but the deal flopped due to his lack of a grade 12 certificate.

Simayaba is a disappointed political opportunist after his manuvours reached a dead end when he attempted to bribe some officials to be appointed Pf Provincial Secretary when the position fell vacant. He could not be trusted with that sensitive position because he wanted to use it as a basis of making a living by selling information to other political parties more so especially that he is double legged chap.

PF has continued to embrace every Zambian across all the ten provinces of this country as exemplified by His Excellency President, Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s revived one Zambia, One nation call based on the realisation that this country is bigger than any one individual and that it’s strength lies in the collective contribution of all the 74 tribes.

Therefore sentiments from Simayaba aimed at wedging and fanning tribal divisions have no place in Zambia and must be discarded with the highest contempt and condemnation that they deserve.

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