Hakainde Hichilema
Hakainde Hichilema


United Party for National Development (UPND) Youth National Information and Publicity Secretary Samuel Ngwira has reiterated that Edgar Lungu and the Patriotic Front (PF) intolerance is a sign of an evil leader.

Speaking when he appeared on a Christian Voice radio programme dubbed “Chatback” this morning, Mr Ngwira said the corruption,violence , intolerance, arresting innocent citizens is a sign of evil and a failed democracy.

Reacting to a PF youth Director John Phiri’s assertion that Edgar Lungu was appointed by God , Mr Ngwira says Edgar Lungu cannot come from God because he stole the election.

And contributing on the same panel, NDC Youth Information and Publicity Secretary Bright Mwika says PF is evil “look at the recent attack at 5 FM radio and the very recent one where our political consultant Chishimbwa Kambwili was attacked .All this is a sign of intolerance.”

And NAREP Youth Northern Region Coordinator Maybin Kabwe says the violence Zambia has witnessed is a sign of a failed leadership.

Meanwhile, Samuel Ngwira from the UPND has said poor leadership which has affected the economy has also continued to unleash violent cadres on those with dissenting views because Lungu knows that time for the PF is up.

And when asked to substantiate his claims when he said Edgar Lungu is corrupt and violent by the moderator, Mr Ngwira says ” when a Hippo in the name of Kambwili and Kalaba tell you that this is how the crocodile behaves in water ,can you argue?”

“The Hippo is Kambwili and Kalaba, and the crocodile is Edgar Lungu and even himself(Lungu) told us that his ministers are corrupt”.Mr Ngwira has said.

Mr Ngwira further said “Edgar Lungu’s convention at Mulungushi rock of Authority in Kabwe was characterized by violence and if a parent is doing nothing when the children are fighting , we conclude the parent endorses violences.”

“Ubun’go bwa ba PF bwafula “(theft under the PF is too much)Bright from NDC added.

UPND ,NAREP AND NDC all agreed that there is a leadership crisis under the PF.