Minister of Health, Hon. Dr Chitalu Chilufya

Minister of Health, Hon. Dr Chitalu Chilufya has stated that significant progress has been made in the fight against the Cholera Epidemic.

” We have intensified health promotion, we have intensified contact tracing. We have still maintained highly efficacious clinical care practices in our Cholera treatment units and we are not relenting despite the cases plateauing and turning towards Zero. ” he said.

And Dr Chilufya has made an appeal to all Citizens not to relax but to ensure that they continued observing at most levels of hygiene.

” lets continue ensuring we wash our hands and not purchase food from the streets. We continue eating food that is boiled and well prepared. Water must only be consumed from designated safe water points. And we should chlorinate and boil all drinking water. ” He urged.

And the Minister of Health emphasised that the safety interventions were still extremely important.

” Yes, we have eased restrictions but SI 79 is still in effect. And we will continue doing our inspections of public and trading places.” He said.

Meanwhile, Hon. Chilufya has announced that they have effectively treated 3573 cases in Lusaka and that they had been discharged.

” That is a very significant step. With case fatality of less than 1% in our facilities and about 2% if we combine with the community deaths. So we will continue updating the nation on what happens in the next few days.” He said.

And Dr Chilufya made an appeal to the media to continue sensitising the public on the Cholera do’s and dont’s.

” You have done extremely well so far. Continue doing what you are doing .” He said.

” The support from the Presidency is extremely appreciated as well as the multi-sectoral effort from the various team members is also appreciated.” he said.

The Minister also took time to thank the community who are the key stakeholders for their full cooperation in following the multi-sectoral efforts put in place to arrest the situation.