Labour Minister warns foreign investors

Joyce Nonde
Joyce Nonde

Labour Minister Joyce Nonde has warned foreign investors in the habit of exploiting workers that they risk being deported.

Ms Nonde sounded the warning when she officially opened the Zambia Federation of Employers (ZFE) 51stAnnual General Meeting in Lusaka today.

She says she has been receiving a lot of reports of some foreign investors abusing their workers, saying such employers should take the warning seriously as she will not hesitate to send them packing to their home countries.

She says government will not sacrifice the Zambian workers just for them to earn a salary.

Ms Nonde says all the investors who are exploiting and paying workers low wages will leave the country together with machinery.

She states that she is aware of some foreign investors who are calling local workers bad names, forcing them to work long hours, in addition to forcing them to speak foreign language for them to remain employed.

Speaking at the same AGM, ZFE President Tyson Chisambo says the federation is working with other international partners to come up with the Jobs for Africa Foundation aimed at creating more jobs for the people.

And ZCTU Vice President Newman Bubala said there is need for the employers and employees to closely work together in addressing the social and economic challenges in the country.