Bailiffs Pounce On Nevers Mumba, he denies Being MMD president

nevers mumba
nevers mumba

Former MMD President Nevers Mumba on Thursday morning denied being MMD President after bailiffs pounced on him on a matter of outstanding legal fees in the Contempt of Court case in the Supreme Court in 2013.

Dr Mumba is believed to owe George Kunda & Company close to ZMW107, 000.00 and when bailiffs went to his house, he referred them to the MMD National Secretary Mr. Raphael Nakacinda saying he was not liable since he is no longer president.

And MMD National Youth Chairperson Dauzen Tembo has told former party president Nevers Mumba to formally renounce the party presidency if the debts he accumulated are to be paid by the party.

In a statement released by the MMD Media Team, Mr Tembo said the former party president should write to the lawyers and copy the same letter to the secretariat indicating that he is no longer president of MMD for him to pay the debt accrued when he was in office.

He said Dr Mumba is deceiving his followers by continuing to play to the gallery by playing double standards.

“Nevers Mumba is being very deceitful to his minions and useless followers by continuing to play to the gallery on one hand claiming to be president while on the other hand he wants President Felix Mutati to pay the debts he accrued when he was president.

“Mr Mumba is a canning crook and liar who should no longer be tolerated by courts, because technically this should tell the courts that the guy is merely wasting the courts time and paper, when it’s time to pay he refuses the position but when it’s about who to recognise as president he resurfaces,” he said.

Mr Tembo also warned the lawyers representing Dr Mumba that they will suffer the same fate soon enough as it is not the first time people are falling victim to Dr Mumba’s failure to pay debts to individuals he owes or companies.

He said Zambians should know that the only reason the former clergy has “sold his soul to HH and GBM for money meant to settle his bills.”

“People should also know that Nevers Mumba got money from donors in the name of MMD amounting to 1 Million United States Dollars (USD 1Million) which was meant for campaigns in 2016, but he selfishly and dubiously channeled the monies to his personal business depositing the money in BERESMITH ENTERPRISES account which has a Dollar account with STANBIC Bank of Mulungushi Branch, he is also building multi million kwacha house in Ibex Hill near the American Embassy using the same money” he said.

Both Mr. Nakachinda and Party National Treasurer Christopher Banda confirmed receiving bailiffs on the matter.

The Supreme Court convicted Dr Mumba of contempt in 2013 after the nullification of the Election of then MMD Member of Parliament Dora Siliya who was Petauke Central law maker. Dr Mumba had accused the Judiciary, particularly acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda, of being in her position to serve the interests of the PF at the expense of the opposition.