Nevers wanted to hold on to the party leadership in the name of God – Nakacinda

Nevers Sekwila Mumba
Nevers Sekwila Mumba

MMD National Secretary Raphael Nakacinda has said that former party leader Nevers Mumba wanted to use the name of God to hold on to the party leadership in perpetuity.

Speaking in Sibuyunji District where he went to meet party officials in the District, Mr Nakacinda said Nevers Mumba never understood how MMD operates and that when the quest to hold on the party leadership failed he started telling members that he was chosen by God to take over the leadership of the party and the country at large.

He said Dr Mumba should have proved that he was indeed chosen by God by going to the convention which he fought tooth and nail.

He asked members across the country to pray for Dr Mumba so that he goes back to the pulpit and stop destabilizing the party with his continued wild claims that he is still the president of the party because he ceased being the president when the members chose Felix Mutati  in May last year.

And Mr Nakacinda said MMD was the only party which has remained democratic despite facing so many challenges after losing elections in 2011.

He said some political parties’ hero worship individuals who continue to cling on the leadership of their parties while others have been using tribe to advance their political fortunes.

He said those using tribe should realize that one cannot become a president of this country using tribe and that Zambians will never welcome a leader who uses to tribe as a political tool because the country is intertwined through tribal intermarriages.

And speaking earlier MMD National Chairlady Maggie Musonda told the women to reclaim their position as the back bone of MMD and start reorganizing the party.

She said women are the king makers and that MMD had the most organized women in political parties hence the need for them to reclaim their position and ensure that the party wakes up from slumber in the district.

She directed women in the district to resurrect their clubs so that through the clubs the party membership can wake up and start working.

Other NEC members who accompanied the National Secretary were Chairperson for Elections Gaston Sichilima, Dauzan Tembo the Youth Chairperson and Tobias Kamfumkanche who is the Chairperson for Energy and Water Development.


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