Davis Mwila emphasizes need for discipline

Davis Mwila
Davis Mwila

The Patriotic Front Secretary General Hon Davis Mwila has emphasized the need for discipline  and unity among the party Leadership and the General membership.

In the latest bid to reunite the party PF Secretary General Davis Mwila told Kafue District officials that all  members that held leadership positions in the party and supported wrong candidates who have been Pardoned by MCC will remain ordinary members of the Party.

Mr Mwila said dispite being pardoned they shall be retained as ordinary party members and the MCC shall decide weather they shall be eligible to contest again for party positions.

He said It’s important that Leaders follow protocol and work as a United team to see meaningful progress and enlargement of the party.

He said leaders should show an example to ordinary members on the importance of submission to higher authorities.

At the same meeting the Patriotic Front Secretary General guided the Kafue District officials to welcome new members who have decided to officially join the party ,as politics is about numbers.