Stop watching on the sidelines and organise the party

MMD cadres sing outside DEC

MMD chairperson for elections Gaston Sichilima has urged members of the former ruling party to actively participate in reorganizing the party.

Speaking during a party mobilization meeting in Chirundu District on Thursday, Mr Sichilima said the former ruling party remains the most attractive party in the country and that members should not remain dormant but re-organize the party.

He explained that those watching on the sidelines should not complain when benefits start showing and they are left out.

“MMD is still the party of preference for many Zambians. It is the most attractive party in this country and that can be seen wherever you go. So those members who are opting to stay on the sidelines watch instead of joining our reorganization should not complain when we start reaping the benefits of being part of this club.

“While some of you are watching, some of our friends who left for other political parties are coming back because they have noticed that there is no future in the parties they left for. Zambians have not forgotten how MMD was keeping them and they are calling us to tell us that we should not let this great party disappear into oblivion,” he said.

He also urged the district executive committee in Chirundu to ensure that they win back members who left to other political parties especially the opposition UPND because of the confusion that engulfed the party in the run-up to the convention because the party had moved on.

He said the perception that Chirundu was a strong hold for the opposition UPND should not be entertained because the UPND only gained popularity due to the confusion brought about because of Nevers  Mumba who didn’t want to let the will of the people to prevail.

And one of the members of the former ruling party Gerald Katanga called on MMD national secretary Raphael Nakacinda to intervene for them in the distribution of relief maize in the District as there was a political hand in the distribution process.

Mr Katanga said the people in charge of distributing are only giving PF members instead of distributing the maize to all the people in need of relief.

He asked Mr Nakacinda to help the people by talking to the people in charge of distribution of relief maize because relief should not be used to fight political battles.

The MMD National Secretary who was accompanied by some NEC members was in Chirundu on a fact finding mission to establish the vibrancy of the party in the boarder district.

Mr Nakacinda later visited the border before touring the only radio station in the District called Modern Radio where he mingled with the radio station staff before proceeding back to Lusaka.