Thanks to Given Lubinda, in his quest to try and cover his dirt – Tayali

Given Lubinda , Minister of Agriculture
Given Lubinda (Former Minister of Agriculture

I honestly overrated Given Lubinda in many ways, this is why they say not all that glitters is Gold.

Many times we appreciate and envy others from afar thinking they are intelligent, honest, God fearing, good leaders, etc, but when we come close, that is when you know who they really are and get disappointed and we end up calling them corrupt like I have done in the case of Given Lubinda.

Thanks to Given, in his quest to try and cover his dirt, he has given me an opportunity to repeat and give more details of how Given Lubinda has fallen from being my admired leader, whom I even thought could lead Zambia as President, but today, I am even willing to go to Kabwata and campaign against him because I have been with Given very closely and I have found out that he is nothing of what I thought he is.

Given has filed an exparte order to gag me from talking about him because he believes I am being malicious to him, tomorrow ( June 8th) I will have to defend my rights to express myself and tell Given as well as many others that, I do not compromise my rights for anything, especially intimidation and it is out of facts and not malice that I talk.

We all deserve our rights to speak out, especially if it involves our leaders who are taking advantages of our resources knowing the system including the President will not touch them.

Like I have said before, I would rather be a prisoner of walls than conscience.

Given has also sued for damages for exposing him in the FRA Maize scandal.

This will give me the opportunity to show how corrupt Given is. I will also bring in a few of his associates and possibly why the President has not done anything on the matter but rather he decided to massage Given with praises at his press conference at State House and awarded him an adoption for Kabwata Constituency.

I have reflected and prayed over this, my mind is very clear on what I will bring out in these cases, not just to defend myself but to inform the nation on how people can obtain worth through corruption and causing others to suffer.

My spirit is also resolute and strong to fight this battle to the bitter end, like I did in the case of Ruth Zulu when some people thought they had a chance to fix me.

I will fight this with my God and you my fellow Zambians who knows how painful life is because of corruption. Sata said I will lead this Country on the ten commandments and I will fight corruption. Indeed we saw a few people in court to defend themselves but today, criminals have guts to go to court and claim damages for being told what they are.

I will fight this and I know I have already won because I am not they criminal covering up my tracks to appear all clean. I have already won because the mealie meal is now reduced and people know the truth.

I will also win in court regardless of the fact that I am facing almost the entire corrupt system including the President by association. And you will see what I am talking about.

It is a battle and I am ready for it so don’t accuse me if I pull whatever or whoever I know is directly or indirectly involved. I spared some in my statements but now, bola yalakosa, nalasontapo as I fight this.

In bemba we say, “Uwaingila mumushitu, tomfwa nswaswa”, the battle lines have been drawn starting tomorrow ( June 8th) at 09:00hrs in the courts of Justice M.C. Kombe.

All parties concerned have been invited, meanwhile my organics legal team to are summoned for a strategic meeting on this forum, give me all you have. Kikikikiki

Chilufya Tayali –
The Zambian Voice