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David Chishimba
David Chishimba

But I intend to teach them a lesson. Clearly MTN or it’s customer care providers have never watched John Wick. Here’s what happened:

On Thursday, 25th November, 2021, being a radicle youth, I was somewhere in Chankalamo, Kalulushi, doing my usual community surveys for information and fact finding for developmental programs formulation. Then I realized that I was running low on airtime and I had reached my advance limit for borrowing airtime. Realizing the predicament, I called someone to send me airtime becuase where I was was deep in the forest and there were no outlets nearby where I could get Airtime without compromising the program.

I immediately received K10 airtime at 12:42, MTN deducted the whole K10 because I was owing them. I then borrowed K10 extra time and I bought 750 weekly bundles for K5 and 10 daily MTN to MTN minutes for K1 at 12:51. I remained with a K4 in my account. The following day, knowing fully how much was in my account, I tried to buy more minutes so that I could make programs and arrange meetings, to my astonishment, I received the response that I could not subscribe to the package becuase I did not have enough Airtime. I checked my balance and alas, my K4 was gone.

I checked to see if I received any message that my Airtime was deducted due to something I had subscribed to but there was nothing and according to my photographic recollection I only tired to call one person the previous day who never even picked up. So I decided to call MTN customer care agents to find out what happened to my airtime. The response I received from all the three agents was that there was no information concerning what happened to my airtime in their system. Whenever I tried to inquire more, they all started sounding like I was bothering them and would cut my call! At this point, the joker smile struck my face because I knew that they didn’t know whom they were dealing with.

There are people out there who buy airtime for not less than K100 at a given point. So it’s possible that even if a K10 was lost, they may not notice or may be too busy to follow it up. MTN holds 44% of Zambias 18 million plus active mobile subscribers. Say for arguments sake MTN is only deducting a K4 from all it’s subscribers, then it’s walking away with not less than K32 million cool cash per month from it’s 8 million plus poor Zambian subscribers. That’s how the rich stay rich by milking the poor.

I intend to sue MTN for only K2 million from the K32 million it gets in damages, when I win, then I will be able to believe what all the customer care providers told me, that “They regret the inconvenience they caused me.”

Stay tuned for John Wick Chapter 4.

Victory is certain.
David Chishimba

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