Hubby in trouble for giving a lift to another woman


A 43-YEAR-OLD housewife told a Lusaka Local Court that her husband did not have any regard for her and always gave a lift to a woman she did not know.
She said each time her husband came to pick her up from work, there was this woman who sat with him in front while she was forced to take the back seat.
Her husband also failed to introduce her to the other woman.
This is in a case in which Florence Hanampota of John Laing compound sued her husband, Oliver Himunzowa, 53, a driver for reconciliation.

The two got married in 1994 and have six children.
Hanampota told Senior Court Magistrate Daniel Phiri sitting with Magistrate Ackim Phiri at Kanyama Local Court that she only enjoyed the first two years of her marriage.
She explained that Himunzowa did not consider her as his wife as he failed to respect her, adding that they sat four times to resolve the matter but to no avail.
Hanampota further said that in 2013 when Himunzowa came to pick her from her workplace place, she was belittled because he opted to keep a strange woman in the front passenger seat without making introductions.

“Himunzowa doesn’t want to keep secrets because after I had two miscarriages last year, he went out announcing to every one including my sister who later told me that I was a sinner for terminating pregnancies. My young sister said that it was Himunzowa who told her that I had aborted the two pregnancies,” said Hanampota. In cross-examination, Hanampota said that their family car was a taxi but she did not see the woman pay Himunzowa money for a ride.
In defence, Himunzowa said that he still loved Hanampota very much and was surprised to be brought to court.

He explained that Hanampota took him to task for three days when a woman booked him despite apologising to her.
Hanampota later changed her mind and said that she did love Himunzowa.
Magistrate Daniel Phiri said that Hanampota was wrong not to be caring for Himunzowa as a husband and that she was a talkative woman. In his ruling, he declined to grant the couple reconciliation.

Zambia Daily Nation