Wife who enjoyed beating her priest husband divorced

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

THERE was laughter in a Lusaka Local Court when a casanova priest said that his wife had turned him into a punching bag and that was the reason he looked for another woman to seek solace.
This was heard in Kanyama Local Court in a case in which Doreen Sakala, 40, of Kanyama compound sued her husband, Tyson Musuka, a priest, 51, for divorce.
Sakala told the court that two months ago Musuka started bothering her to give him another baby when he already had 12 children from 12 different women.
She said her husband also told her that he was looking for a woman he could make love to six to eight times a night every day.
The two got married in 2010 and have one child.
However, Musuka said that he still loved his wife whom he addressed as ‘chair lady’.
Sakala told Senior Court Magistrate Sarah Nyendwa sitting with Magistrate Ackim Phiri that all was well until 2012 when Musuka started having girlfriends despite being a church priest.
She explained that when she followed him at Soweto market where he did his business, his girlfriend took an issue out of her visit.
Sakala said last year Musuka got himself another girlfriend and although he promised to change, he had remained the same.

“I began taking family planning pills and after he discovered that I had my periods he got annoyed and left the matrimonial home,” she said.
Sakala said that she later started bleeding and was hospitalised for two weeks but Musuka chose to be with his girlfriend and when she sued him for divorce he brought the woman in the matrimonial home.
In cross-examination, Sakala said that Musuka made love to her six times a day even when she was sick.

In defence, Musuka said that Sakala had turned him into her punching bag and insulted him in the presence of children, adding that it was the reason he was forced to look for another woman to find peace.
Musuka admitted bringing another woman after Sakala left him but said he stilled loved his wife.
But Sakala said that she slapped Musuka because he wanted to make love to her after spending nights out.

She beat him for the second time because his girlfriend insulted her.
Magistrate Nyendwa said that there was no peace in the house because Musuka could not change despite being a priest and that Sakala contributed to the same misunderstandings as she had got into the habit of beating her husband.
She granted the couple divorce without compensation but Musuka was ordered to be paying child maintenance fee of K350 per month. Property acquired together during the subsistence of the marriage would be shared equally.

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