Simataa out of GS race

Football Association of Zambia (FAZ)
Football Association of Zambia (FAZ)

SIMATAA Simataa failed to make the Football Association of Zambia general secretary shortlist after failing to produce a grade 12 certificate, a source close to FAZ has revealed.

And Zambia Police director of sports Adrian Kashala, who made the shortlist, shocked the interviewing panel when he produced four documents for his grade 12 certificate.
According to a FAZ source, Simataa was among 10 people interviewed for the position of general secretary but he appeared before the interviewing panel – chaired by Joseph Mulenga – without his grade 12 certificate.
The source said Simataa failed to produce his grade 12 certificate saying he could not find it.
The source said since the Grade 12 certificate was one of the requirements for the position of general secretary, Simataa was asked why he did not go to Examinations Council of Zambia to collect a duplicate but he did not give a satisfactory explanation.
The source said another reason that disqualified Simataa was his court case against four FAZ employees.

“Simataa came for interviews without his grade 12 certificate and when he was asked where it was, he said that he could not find it. He was asked why he did not bother to look for it or have it replaced by ECZ from the time the job was advertised and he failed to substantiate. The committee concluded that he has does not have a grade 12 certificate since he was a Lusaka resident and would have easily taken a duplicate from ECZ,” said the source.
When contacted for comment, Simaata said he did not want to be bothered.
“Ask the people on the panel. Ask them, don’t bother me,” said Simaata before he hung up the phone.

And Kashala, who is perceived to be FAZ president Andrew Kamanga’s preferred candidate, left the panel in shock when he produced four documents that make his grade 12 certificate.
Kashala, however, was number two on the list of three candidates that will be presented to Kamanga. The others are FAZ player status and transfer committee chairperson Lombe Mbalashi and a ZAF officer whose name the source could not disclose.

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