My father & brother were murdered following my mother’s death- Mampi


MUSICIAN Mirriam Mukape also known as Mampi says she would have ended up being a prostitute if she was not focused.
Mampi on her Facebook page posted that she started singing in church when she was very young.

“I loved singing from a very tender age.I sung in church every Sunday until The age of 14.When I lost my mother from cancer that’s when my life started changing,things where not the same because this affected us and dad even more,had no one to talk to as a teenager,” Mampi stated.
She stated that she had no one to buy her cloths and other little necessities that she needed at that time.

“I missed my mother dearly but I knew she was not coming back. My father was devastated. His only friend was mum and he could not understand and provide me with all the little things a young girl would need. I had nobody to guide me…a few years down the line my father and young brother were murdered,i became a double orphan at 16 years old,” she stated.
Mampi stated that she had no one to pay for her school so that she could further her education.
She stated that she did not have anyone to talk to other than her friends.

“Things got real bad for me. I was so bitter with life coming from a comfortable family and losing everything just like that it was hard for me. I had nowhere to sleep ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys if I was a reckless girl this is when I would have lost it and opted for prostitution because it was the toughest time of my life,” she stated.

Mampi stated she slept in the garden most of times and that she could go a day or two without a meal but that the only thing she held on to was prayer. “Prayer gave me hope until my friend and her sister took me in,and I still thank God for them.I told myself I can not go on like this I need to get up and do something with my life and that’s when I started going to the studio, I used to walk from kabwata to chelston and back everyday,until my music started playing on radio but even then I performed for free for about a year or two because I was passionate about what I was doing hence gaining experience,” she stated.

Mampi stated that Danny Siulapwa also known as Danny Kaya gave her music direction through his advice from the dancehall music to the image that included her stage costumes and stage presence. “…and slowly my life started changing….” stated Mampi.