Scott endorses HH, holds on to PF

Zambian Vice President Dr Guy Scott is at the centre of an SNP controversy[IG]
Former Zambian Vice President Dr Guy Scott

Former republican vice president Guy Scott has endorsed opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema as his preferred presidential candidate in the forthcoming general elections.

Dr. Scott who is also PF Lusaka Central Member of Parliament says he finds Mr. Hichilema to be the best candidate to become Zambia’s next republican president.
He says as founder member of the ruling PF he is disappointed that President Edgar Lungu has destroyed the party by embracing MMD members.

Dr. Scott who also served as acting republican President says he does not think that the ruling PF should be embracing members of a political party that failed the Zambian people.
He says he also thinks that President Lungu has failed to run the affairs of the nation as evidenced by the poor performance of the economy.
Dr. Scott was speaking at a media briefing where Defunct Democratic Front leader Miles Sampa signed a partnership with

Mr. Hichilema to work together in the August 11th general elections.
Earlier Mr. Sampa urged other opposition political parties to consider supporting Mr. Hichilema and the UPND because President Lungu has failed to deliver to the expectations of the people.

Mr. Sampa has also hinted on other Members of Parliament that are expected to join the UPND once Parliament is dissolved.
And Mr. Hichilema has described the support from Dr. Scott and Mr. Sampa as a clear understanding of the opposition’s quest for change.
He says doors of his party remain open for more other political party members to join.



  1. He will leave PF when ever he wants nobody can push him he is the founder of PF bamwisa mu PF thinks they a superior than Muzungu remember he is the founder with his friend Mr Sata so don’t push the madala around leave him alone

  2. he’s not happy that pf embraced mmd members bt at the same time he’s proud to see UPND embracing MMD members,zambian politics kikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikiki

  3. The man wanted PF to lose the last elections but failed to achieve his goal.That was long overdue and a good riddance.

  4. Osatisoloneza Mukuti Chiani? A SCott bajoina HH tsopano bwanji akufunanso PF?kkkkkkk Maphanga awiri avumbwitsa ka!