Woman ready to kill hubby over lover

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

A WOMAN was ready to kill her husband so she could enjoy an affair with her boyfriend, the Matero Local Court heard.

The court heard that the 17 years Susan Phiri spent with her husband did not count but all she wanted was to be with her lover at whatever cost.
When Simon Phiri, 42, discovered what was going on behind his back, he sued for compensation for adultery before senior court magistrates Lewis Mumba and Pauline Newa.

Simon of Chipata township told the court that Daniel Phiri, 26, of Kabanana township has been having an affair with his wife, Susan Phiri, 34.
With suspicion at the back of his mind, Simon, a businessman pretended he was going away on a business trip on February 24.

“I returned minutes later and walked in on Susan on the phone and asking if that person had gone for an HIV test. She even volunteered to accompany the person she was talking to, to the clinic to have an HIV test,” he said.
When Simon got hold of Susan’s phone, he found intimate messages between her and Daniel.

“In one of the messages, Susan told Daniel that she loved him so much that she did not want to lose him and that she was ready to even kill me just to be with him,” Simon said.
Pretending to be Susan, Simon told the court that he sent a text message to Daniel.

“Susan saved Daniel as Onga. Since he thought it was Susan communicating with him, he agreed that we meet in Chipata township. I then took him to the police station where I was advised to sue Daniel for adultery,” he said.
However, Daniel denied ever having an affair with Susan but admitted writing the text messages to her because he wanted Susan to help his wife get a market stall.

But Susan admitted to having an affair with Daniel.
The court found Daniel guilty of committing adultery and ordered him and Susan to pay Simon K10, 000 as compensation.

Zambia Daily Mail