Lusaka man defiles his five-month-old baby

Police arrest handcuffs arrested jail
Police arrest handcuffs

A FIVE-MONTH-OLD infant of Lusaka has been left with severe injuries after she was allegedly defiled by her father.

And police have arrested the father, whose age has not been established, and he is currently detained at Irish Police Post in Lusaka’s Kamanga compound.

Sources disclosed in separate interviews that the infant, whose mother is very ill and unable to care of her, has since been taken to the House of Moses for protection and special care.

The sources said that the baby, who for some time was being cared for by her mother’s two sisters living in separate areas, was on Friday picked up by her father, who claimed he wanted to see her for some time, after which he would take her back.

“The baby’s guardians [mother’s sisters] were told to bring her [the infant] here so that she could be taken to the House of Moses for care while her mother was still recovering. The father is still in [police] custody but then the mother is still bedridden at home; they are not taking her to the hospital. She just goes to the hospital to get medicine and then goes back home. She can talk but she cannot move. She can’t stand up and she cannot breastfeed the baby; she just can’t take care of the child in her current state because she is too weak,” they said.

They said the sisters were shocked the following day to discover that the infant was bleeding from her private parts, while her father was at large.

“And when he left the child on Friday, he didn’t tell anyone that he had left the child with its mother who is sick, so when the sisters came to check on the child, the mother asked them to check her and see why blood was coming out of her private parts.”

And confirming the development in an interview, the baby’s uncle called for justice to prevail in the matter.

“Vinachitika va so, tinapeza kuti mwana banamuchita defile. Ba mai bake apa badwala, mwana aliko mushe ndaba banamutenga ba social welfare nomupeleka pa House of Moses. Bana chitila kuti in the meantime ankaleko kuja for two months or so chifukwa vochitika nivambili. So that’s why tinachita decide kuti ba mai bake bakanvelako mushe, bazayenda kumutenga (Yes, it happened like that. We discovered that the baby was defiled. Her mother is sick. The baby is a bit fine because the Social Welfare Department took her to House of Moses to keep her for two months. We agreed that when the mother recovers, she will go and get her),” he said.

“Apa batate bake bali pa (for now the father is at) Irish Police Post kuja ku Kamanga.”

Meanwhile, a medical report indicated that the child suffered severe lacerations.

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  1. A normal man with 5 senses cannot have sex with a five-month old. Disgusting is an understatement.