Man fined for having sex with best friend’s wife

Lusaka High Court

A LUSAKA man has dragged his best friend to court for having sex with his wife on several occasions.
Wallance Soko, 37, of Lusaka’s Kabanana area testified in the Matero Local Court how his best friend, Panganani Tembo used to have sex with his wife and on this particular night, he spent the whole night with his wife in his one-roomed house within their area.
This was a case in which Soko sued Tembo for adultery after he found his wife with Tembo around 04:00 hours near his (Tembo)’s home following a tip on February 3, 2016.
Soko told the court that Tembo knew his wife well as he used to visit his home and sometimes ate food prepared by his wife, but still went ahead to have sex with her.
“Tembo knew that this woman is my wife; he was my best friend and he came to my house on several occasions, even ate nshima prepared by my wife.
“He has no excuse of not knowing her, I want him to pay me for committing adultery with my wife,” he said.
He explained that he used to hear rumours from his friends that Tembo was flirting with his wife but because he had no proof, he decided to keep quiet over the matter.
He said after confronting his wife for coming back home late, she went to spend the night at Tembo’s house.
When brought in as a co-witness, Soko’s wife Yandika Mvula admitted having sex with Tembo and said he was her boyfriend.
Soko’s wife testified that she had sex with Tembo on several occasions, especially in lodges whenever her husband went out on duty.
She said during the night she spent with Tembo he manage to have sex with her on a sofa.
In defence, Tembo said he was not aware that Mvula was a married woman as she used to frequent bars.
Tembo said Mvula spent the night with him but that he did not have intercourse with her because she was “not my type”.
“I didn’t know that this woman was my best friend’s wife. Moreover, I did not even touch her when she came to my house; she slept on a sofa while I slept on the bed,” he said.
In passing judgment, Magistrate Lewis Mumba, sitting with Pauline Newa, asked Tembo to pay Soko K15, 000 and advised the couple to go for counselling.



  1. Eastern freaks what’s going on kanshi?the other dude hid another mans wife in the ceiling

  2. @Omello sakala ,correction sir. Your best friend is your worst enemy. And you are very right.