Deal firmly with violent cadres – Zambian Voice

UPND, PF cadres clash
UPND, PF cadres clash

The Zambian Voice has urged political parties in the country to deal firmly with their cadres found perpetrating violence.

Zambian Voice Executive Director Chilufya Tayali says as the Country heads towards holding the 2016 tripartite elections all political parties should ensure that their cadres uphold discipline.

He says political leaders should take drastic decisions such as suspending the membership of cadres found engaging in violence.

He further advised political parties against engaging in acts that are in conflict with the law.

And PF Lusaka province youth information and publicity secretary Stanley Chiumya has urged his fellow youths in the ruling party to guard against being used to perpetrate acts of violence against other parties.

Mr. Chiumya has advised PF youths to realize that they are only denting the image of party and republican President Edgar Lungu by allowing themselves to be used as tools for violence.

He has also reminded PF youths that President Lungu has pledged to govern the country based on the One Zambia One Nation motto.