GBV is now beyond control- ZNWL

kanene wife
kanene wife

The Zambia National Women’s Lobby (ZNWL) says Gender Based Violence (GBV) is now a moral issue beyond the control of government.

ZNWL Chairperson Beauty Katebe notes that government and other stakeholders have done what they could in fighting GBV, but that these efforts seem not to be yielding the desired results as cases of GBV have continued to rise.

Ms. Katebe says this implies that Zambians are not morally upright; stating that if individuals can strive to be upright, cases of gender based violence would be on the decline.

She notes that as long as individuals do not change their attitudes and mindsets, not even the interventions by the government and stakeholders will deter them from perpetrating Gender Based Violence.

Ms. Katebe is however, hopeful that the empowerment of women and girls by government will in the long run help reduce the cases of Gender Based Violence.