Chilufya Tayali
Chilufya Tayali

The gruesome image of the poor man whose head was crushed during his course of work in a block making plant keeps coming to my mind. My heart is grieving as to why our poor will have to be dying in this miserable way. The man died for K25 per day so that he can feed his family.
I feel haunted by the death of this man. Coupled with that I am thinking of many other people who are suffering in many other ways, especially those in pain due to sickness. If you have been sick and in pain we can imagine how terrible it is to watch the night fall. Our Hospital are not the sure place of solace due to lack of medicines and frustrated health workers.
It is a fact that some of the problems we are facing are as a consequence of the global economic upset, however, I still insist that we are not doing enough to redistribute the little that is there so that the poor can have at least a piece of bread instead of dying of hunger and out of stress like pensioners who have not been paid in a long time.
Soon Parliamentarians will be receiving their hefty gratuity to invest in their campaigns to be re-elected for more looting. All senior Govt officials are warming their hands to receive the cool hundreds of millions as we draw to 2016 General elections.
On the other hand the opposition are going all over the World and the corners of this Country getting money to campaign so that they also come to the banquet of Tax-payers money and enjoy.
In my eyes I see very few politicians who are really willing to suffer with the people. Most of them want to eat with their families and close associates, not with the general populace that they hoodwink for votes.
These politicians will soon become invisible when we vote for them like most of the PF senior Govt officials who talk of open door policy and being servants of the people. I sympathisize with youths who are willing to fight for these politicians because they are just being used.
Amist all this I wonder, where is our hope as a people. Who will liberate us like the Israelites where saved by the Messiah. The Isrealites lived with hope for the Messiah, who is our hope.
Please don’t tell me that a Capitalist who has done so much to deprive Zambians of their health can change overnight and be a Messiah. I think we need someone with a heart but not the Socialist of our time who had shown total arrogance to citizens when they had power in Sata’s Govt.
I think we need to pray for a leader in this Country, I am seriously praying that come 2016, we will get a leader with a heart for the poor because they are the majority. We need someone who will talk the talk not just delivering sweet speeches but living far from your own words. A man who will embrace righteousness and fight corruption. A leader who will be willing to deprive himself of his privileges to give to the poor.
My heart is at pain and I have these visios of this dead man, it is really disturbing that I wonder how people like Shamenda go to sleep while workers are dying like flies at the hands of investors who only care for the money which they share some of these leaders.