Lungu disappointed with Kanene

General Kanene
General Kanene-Pic credit-zambia reports

POLICE in Lusaka have arrested and detained singer General Kanene for allegedly assaulting Mordrine Chisenga, 38 of John Howard compound. And special assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda says President Lungu is very disappointed with Kanene. Lusaka police commissioner Charity Katanga confirmed the arrest, stating that Kanene, whose real names are Clifford Dimba, had been charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm. “He was arrested around 13:00hrs and is detained at Chawama Police Station for assault occasioning actual bodily harm. But he has now been moved to Central Police Station. Dimba is alleged to have assaulted Mordrine Chisenga, of John Howard,” she said.


Katanga, however, explained that Kanene’s case would be treated independently, but that police would mention to the courts that he was a second time offender if the matter goes to trial. “The case will be treated as a different case. It is independent, if it goes to the point of sentencing, that is when the police can say he is a second offender and the court can take that into consideration, but this one is treated as a different case,” she explained. And when asked if Kanene would be given a police bond, Katanga said: “Police bond is discretionary, but we look at the case and see if there is interference with the witnesses and so on, we may opt that that may not be an option.” But Chanda, who contacted The Post yesterday morning, said Kanene’s alleged behaviour was very disheartening because President Lungu had pardoned him under the impression that he had reformed. “The President is not happy, just like he would not be happy if any of the other 200 plus pardoned prisoners would indulge in criminal activity. As a reformed person, we had been hoping he (Kanene) would teach others what he had learnt, especially through his music. We are even aware that he just finished recording a CD,” said Chanda.

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