Water levels at Zambezi, Kafue Rivers very low – Dora

Dora Siliya
Dora Siliya

Energy and Water Development Minister Dora Siliya says the water levels at both Zambezi and Kafue Rivers have drastically reduced which is now affecting load management.
Ms Siliya has posted on her facebook page that she was informed by ZESCO management last night that the water levels in the Zambezi and Kafue rivers are so low that load management is being affected.
Ms Siliya says this is causing in many instances the load shedding increasing from 8 to 12 hrs per day.

She has ordered ZESCO to be more proactive in releasing information especially relating to the load management schedule.
She says there is need to have predictable power supply so that everyone knows when they will have power, for how long and when they will not have it.
Ms Siliya says the immediate solution is importation of power as the government is currently doing but also that God will hear the prayers of the people and it will rain soon.



  1. we appreciate the fact that there are low water levels but as government what are practical measures are taking to save country from total collapse.coz as citizens we are worried at the rate at which things are moving in the country

  2. We knw they ar low bt whts your take as a new minister any new idea on th way 4ward?