Each time we have sex, he says its ‘last final’ or ‘semi final’

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

A ZAMBIA Army officer caused laughter in the Matero Local Court when he said he loves his wife who had sued him for divorce but that she puts him under pressure, which caused him to steal just to please her.

Before local court magistrate Lewis Mumba was Mwila Nkaba, 29 a housewife of Matero township, who sued her husband Killian Mukupa for divorce, saying he has been cheating and abusing her for the past 10 years.

But Mukupa, 38 insisted that he loved his wife and did not want the marriage to end.

“I love my wife except she has bad language and she puts me under so much pressure such that one time, I had to steal some metals for her stand where she sold handbags from,” he said as people laughed.

However, Nkaba told the court that her husband was a womaniser who often did not spend nights at home.

She said that Mukupa once even took a woman to their matrimonial home at night and claimed that he was simply trying to help the drunken woman with accommodation.

“When I found them sleeping on the couch, I got furious and started beating this woman but to my surprise, my husband started beating me. Another time, I caught my husband in a woman’s home in the neighbourhood, but he called me a prostitute and that same woman bought me summons. Later, he had a child with another woman in Mandevu,” Nkaba explained.

She said their families discussed the matter but Mukupa remained promiscuous.
Nkaba said she engaged a pastor who reconciled them and that for a while, the couple lived in harmony before her husband began misbehaving again.

She said many times she received phone calls from police stations where Mukupa had been detained for assault and other offences.

Asked whether the couple still had sex, Nkaba responded: “We do have sex because each time he wants to sleep with me, he says it’s the ‘last final’ or ‘semi final’, something like that.”
Magistrate Mumba reconciled the couple and advised Nkaba to report back to court if her husband did not change in two months.

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