FODEP demands to know status of Mutembo Nchito tribunal

MacDonald Chipenzi
MacDonald Chipenzi

The Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) says Government should tell the nation what is the status of the Mutembo Nchito Tribunal and how much money has been spent on it so far.
FODEP Executive Director Macdonald Chipenzi says his organisation is concerned that the Mutembo Nchito Tribunal might be another Lovemore Chikopa tribunal that gobbled a lot of money for doing nothing.

He says Zambians deserve an explanation on the status of the Mutembo Nchito tribunal noting that the continued silence on the part of government is greatly disturbing especially that its setting up was a public matter to probe a public figure.
Mr. Chipenzi states that while FODEP is alive to the court process that halted the tribunal proceedings, they are not aware of what became of the tribunal after the court process.