Lusaka man feels pity, wants to marry another man’s wife


A TWENTY-SEVEN-YEAR-OLD Lusaka man has told the Kanyama local court that he wants to marry another man’s wife as he cannot stand seeing her being deserted, together with the children, by her husband.
The woman in question, Loveness Mubita, 30, of Lusaka’s John Laing Township, denounced her husband in court by declaring her love for the 27-year-old man whom she eloped with.
This was a case in which Obby Chisala, 39, of Lusaka’s Garden House Township sued 27-year-old Charles Lameki for adultery.
Lameki, a Trade Kings employee of John Laing Township, said he always felt pity for women who were abandoned by their husbands and thus decided to elope with Mubita after Chisala ran away from the matrimonial home.

“I am one person who does not feel good to find people suffering. From here I want to ask my relatives, the woman’s relatives and Chisala’s relatives so that I can just pay whatever amount and get her for good,” Lameki said.
Chisala said he earlier this year quarrelled with Mubita resulting in her running away from home and only came back after word was sent to her relatives that she had run away from marriage.
Chisala said members of the community even tipped him that his wife was now going out with Lameki, as they frequented a certain car park where he found them one day.
“One day I even found him sleeping on the same bed with my wife, that’s how I left them to finish whatever they were doing,” he said.
In passing judgment, magistrates Daniel Phiri, Ackim Phiri and Serah Nyendwa charged Lameki for adultery.
“Chisala, how did you run away from your family yet you still call yourself a man? If you had not done so (run away) he (Lameki) would have paid K15,000 but now it will only be K3,000 in installments of K500 so that others can learn a lesson,” Phiri said.