Police arrest,detain Kaizer Zulu

Special assistant for corruption- Kaizer Zulu - Photo Credit zambianwatchdog.com
Kaizer Zulu - Photo Credit zambianwatchdog.com

Police in Lusaka have arrested and charged Special Assistant to the President for Political Affairs Kaizer Zulu with threatening violence.
Lusaka province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga has confirmed to QFM News in an interview that Mr Zulu has since been detained at Woodlands Police Station.


The arrest of Mr Zulu follows an incident which happened at Chrismar Hotel in the early hours of Saturday where he fired two gunshots after an altercation with former Vice President Enoch Kavindele’s sons Enock Jr and Kaunda.
President Edgar Lungu is said to have been displeased by Mr Zulu’s conduct leading to his decision to drop him from his delegation that travelled to New York on Wednesday evening for the UN General Assembly.



  1. I tell people that this guy is just a lumpen,not fit to even be close to state house. he may even start a fire at state house if not properly looked after but again we have little time to devote some to baby sitting an’ old baby’….so keep him in detention for a long time,am only left to wonder how much damage he has done as a political advisor to the pf president,chagwa edgar

  2. dont touch the Kavindeles. You can only go scot free with the poor people of Mulobezi

  3. Arrest the political gunstar n throw the keys in the lagoon.the chap thinks zambia is his personal farm wer he can fire shots anytym he feels like.