HH claims he is a target for assassination

HH at home with wife and child

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema claims President Edgar Lungu is plotting to have him assassinated after realizing that he is a threat to him.
Mr Hichilema has told journalists in Solwezi today after the UPND candidate for Solwezi West Teddy Kasonso was declared winner of the by-election that it is very clear that President Lungu wants him assassinated.
He says President Lungu planned to allegedly kill him in Manyama area on Wednesday when he instructed Police HH1officers to eliminate him
during his planned rally.
Mr. Hichilema however states that the victory of the UPND in the Solwezi West has shown that the intimidation tactic by the PF has not helped them.
He says the people of Zambia will not tolerate any maneuvers by the PF to manipulate them.
Meanwhile there was commotion and confusion this morning at Solwezi Civic Center when the Returning Officer took time to announce the results from one remaining polling station which angered the UPND officials who claimed that the PF wanted to rig the election.
The UPND officials physically confronted the ECZ officials claiming that the UPND candidate Teddy Kasonso had won the parliamentary by-election.


UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema also stormed the Solwezi Civic Center which was the totaling center demanding that Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) officials announce the winner.
But Solwezi Town Clerk said that the results could not be announced as one polling station had not yet submitted the results to the ECZ.
Mr. Kasonso was declared winner at around 07:40hrs after polling 8, 541 votes followed PF candidate Martin Mbaya who managed to get 2, 635 votes, while UNIP candidate John Njombi got 121 while there were 178 spoilt ballots.
And the newly elected Solwezi West Member of Parliament Teddy Kasonso says he will sit down with the people and see which programs should be prioritized.




  2. Who ever would want to assasinte HH a disgrace to nature .a person without shame!!!!!!”why kill HH and for what???????????

  3. fear of losing 2016.riches make people fear death.
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  4. They’ve Tryd Already Several Timez, In Kitwe They Tryd 2 Shoot Him Twice At A Sponsored Radio Programe Where He Was Rescued By The Staff And His Security Team, The Second 1 At Moba Hotel Wen He Went 2 Open Copperpelt Offices. And Also In Solwezi The Day B4 Yestade Now They Were Using PF Polic3 Bt They Were Overpowered And His Suporterz/Pipo Rescued Him.

  5. They’ve Tryd Already Several Timez, In Kitwe They Tryd 2 Shoot Him Twice At A Sponsored Radio Programe Where He Was Rescued By The Staff And His Security Team. And Also The Day B4 Yestade Now They Were Using PF Polic3 Bt They Were Overpowered And His Pipo Rescued Him.

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    • The Party In Power At The Time Was Quiet Tolerant And They Neva Used Gunz On Him Bt Now We Hav Seen PF Using Gunz Against HH And UPND Supporterz In Kitwe(twice), Mulobezi(twice) And Now Solwezi. Check Yo Facts.

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