Former Lusaka magistrate faces arrest

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

THE High Court has issued a warrant of arrest against Lusaka lawyer and former magistrate Frank Tembo.
Lusaka High Court Judge Mubanga Kondolo issued the bench warrant against Mr Tembo for non appearance in an aggravated robbery case where he is defence counsel.
“Where as Mr Tembo was ordered by this court to appear before me today, (yesterday) without fail. Having not complied with the court’s directive to avail himself, it is hereby ordered that the said person be arrested,” Judge Kondolo said.
Mr Justice Kondolo had earlier ordered Mr Tembo to appear before him so that trial in the matter could commence as it had dragged on but failed to comply yesterday and did not offer any satisfactory explanation before the court for his non appearance.

The Judge expressed sadness at the continued absence of both defence lawyers and State advocates without convincing reasons and that he would not hesitate to issue arresting warrants especially in matters that had dragged on for years.
“You are hereby ordered in the name of the President forthwith to apprehend the said Tembo and produce him before court on September 24, this year without fail,” he said.
Mr Tembo is defending a matter involving three Lundazi men who stole more than K600,000 from a shop owner after they blew a safe in 2012 but their case had dragged on due to non appearance of Mr Tembo.
The Judge noted that Mr Tembo failed to show up in his last sitting in Eastern Province where the matter was first handled in August forcing him to re-cause list it in the September session but again Mr Tembo failed to show up.
The trio Nota Chimbwe, Ackim Haatembo and Komani Tembo were all accused of having stolen a mobile phone and other items worth K608, 847,000 property of Bux Jabir Ali.
The matter comes up tomorrow for return of bench warrant.