New research indicate PF is likely to win 2016 polls

President Lungu
President Lungu

The Zambian Voice has observed that despite the current economic challenges Zambia is facing the ruling PF still stands a better chance to win the 2016 general election.



Executive Director Chilufya Tayali says his organization has done a research in which it has established that presently there is no mood of change amongst the Zambian people.
Mr. Tayali says his organization conducted the research along the line of rail and traced no wave of change streaming up any time soon as the country heads to next year’s general election.


He says given the fact that the wave of change is usually spurred by the mood of people living along the line of rail, the Zambian Voice does not expect the peripherals opting to change government in 2016 either.
Mr. Tayali states that his organization is basing its prediction on how the ruling PF has also continued to win in Parliamentary by-elections.


He has told Qfm News in an interview that this means that President Edgar Lungu may come out the strongest contender in next year’s general election especially if his government manages to resolves the current economic challenges in the country.



  1. Tayali did hthis research from the concubines. what was his smaple size?? wat was his margin of erroe?? wat are the exact statistics? (percentages)??

  2. Was the research done by the chinese?if so its fake,its too early for that,lets do that next year

  3. Even RB was told the same thing, 2016 is around the corner, if its to time for someone to step in, no one will stop it. every one is watching much more the YOUTHS,

  4. Then it means we will continue to suffer n zambian pipo dnt knw the power of voting n dull at the same time

  5. That’s a no brainer. Sitting government has many advantages over the oppo. 2011 was unique in that the winds of change were everywhere . But now people realise that change for the sake of change isn’t good enough unless backed by solid ,sober minded and tried-and tested leadership something our good friends in the oppo currently do not possess : they just a bunch of disgruntled rich guys with no hobby to pass time.
    True leaders eat,sleep,live and talk with the masses . You cant have solutions for the poor when you’ve never suffered or lived in shanty compounds .
    Another problem is that most of the oppo are guilty of creating most of the issues we are supposed to be dealing with now and probably for the next 50 years from now.
    The only true change will come from us , the people ,the young and incorruptible .

  6. But Tayali is a one man briefcase NGO. Maybe he can give us a list of pipo who participated in that research maybe we can get more from a credible person not from a rapist.

  7. We Are Here To Inform You That We Will Fight For A Better Zambia By Voting Them Out

  8. Lusaka voice so this is wat u r all abt nonsense anywea its free to think like dat even RB thot like that

  9. I guess its now okay to declare that you are a PF media house. In what way is this news? this is just PF propaganda. Go train Journalism and come back when you know what to write about.

  10. everbody knew tht frm dayone.thts jst a confirmation.haters goin to throw themselve in the kariba damn.maybe waterlevels will be end to loadsheding.get ready for another five years of pf.its a sighting a century.

  11. Yaba so some people still believe in this barking dog they call chilufya tayali.He’s an attention seeker.

  12. u keep on telling us rubbish! instead of reseaching what is affecting our economy our kwacha which is useless in africa and loadshedding you are telling us ifya bu puba na chi Tayali vuvuzela wa stupid party.

  13. PF is doing fine most Zambian have now Understood the fact that the challenge is Global .

    • be specific about ‘MOST ZAMBIANS’ bcz only a dull pf cadre aka kaponya will believe in dat since he hasn’t been to sku!

    • what education Level are talking about ? do you know how to make a Model ? I will base it on parliamentary By -elections . if you are not convinced tell me .

    • most of all Zambia is a third World Country. in this case being the man I owe a duty of care to fight for My self not the Gvnt . so change you mind set believe in yourself even your small gods HH and GBM fought for themselves to achieve .

    • You are the one who si using your emotions to think nd not mind Ndumba!I min which problems are globe,load shedding or high cost of living?ur not evn bin sincere by stating that HH nd GBM only acquired all they hv as a result of hardwork,but the question under which role of a government did they survive wit such wealth?#Your government Ndumba doesn’t create that society or environment were your efforts cn surface.I tell u were things hv reached evn GBM nd HH the most rich men are complaining,so wat more of jst a simple civil servant,a simple farmer or evn that jobless graduate?not evn a harmed robber cn celebrate life in zambia under this regime(lungu)….

    • i will come back mr ndumba after 2016 elections, mean while lets wait for the other two by elections. if pf and president lungu are doing fine then mwanawasa was a failure in your view, i tag levy as the best village headman of zambia its unfortunate that you were not there to see the difference and read between the lines no wonder the current regime seam very best for you. just knw that there was good leadership. hope you will live to see it tho am in doubt if we will achieve it in pf if they will continue.

    • Mr Zimba , its so hard currently to determine the ability of the Gvt . we have the opposition to offer the Checks and balances but it is not happening . everything in Zambia has become Political . which is misleading the masses . Here Glencore are suspending its operation both in Congo and Zambia . but the opposition is accusing the Gvnt .

    • Mr Zimba Most of all I appreciate your approach to matters concerning our Nation . we need to talk and share views as patriots .

    • If we have a Capable leader, why isn’t he standing out from the crowd of failing countries? should he be a failure just because everyone is failing? If he is a true leader, let him raise our country while the other countries fall.

  14. Thats not what is important to Zambians at the moment. There are more important issues to research on. Why not research on how to improve our failing economy?

  15. kikikikikikikikikiki,just say accoding to the zambian voice executive director chilufya tayali not amuti new research.