Poor People’s Party president drags sister in-law to court

Alex Muliokela
Alex Muliokela

Poor People’s Party president Alex Muliokela has dragged his sister in-law to court in Lusaka for allegedly insulting him.


This is in a case in which Muliokela of Kanyama compound sued his sister in-law, Bridget Tembo of Linda compound for allegedly insulting him after a court session.
Muliokela told Senior Presiding Magistrate Sarah Nyendwa sitting at Kanyama Local Court that he went to attend court after his brother sued a man for committing adultery with Tembo and that the case was upheld.


He explained that after the court session Tembo started insulting his brother Maswabi.
Muliokela said that he advised Tembo that it was contempt of court for her to be insulting outside the court premises and he left them.


Muliokela said Tembo followed him and started insulting him.
His brother, Maswabi Muliokela told the court that Tembo did insult his brother Muliokela,leader of PP.
He explained that on a Monday when he sued the man who committed adultery with Tembo, she started insulting the two brothers outside court.


In defence, Tembo said that her husband sued a man for adultery but his brother, president Muliokela approached her after the case and started insulting her and almost beat her up. She explained that there were a lot of people who could be her witnesses.
She denied ever insulting Muliokela, saying in fact it was him who insulted her.
In submission, Muliokela said that he wanted Tembo to compensate him for the insults.
Tembo then asked for forgiveness if she had wronged Muliokela.
Magistrate Nyendwa said that it was evident that Tembo insulted Muliokela because his statement with his brother corroborated so well that Tembo failed to challenge him.
She however reconciled them since they were a family and Tembo had asked for forgiveness