PF has demonstrated development capacity-Mushanga

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EDUCATION Deputy Minister Sydney Mushanga says Zambians should watch out for impotent political parties that have no political fertility to add value to the economic development of the nation.
Speaking when he addressed residents of Muwowo West in Kabwe, Mushanga said Zambians needed a political leadership they could trust with the nation’s resources even under intense economic pressure as demonstrated by the PF leadership.


“Any political party that cannot provide any value to the challenges of the nation is impotent; Zambians must not be deceived by politicians who want to exaggerate the challenges of this country without providing any solution to the challenges they are raising. Not even the best economists of this world can prevent global trends from affecting a country like Zambia whose economy was dependent on Copper, no!



We need to grow beyond politics as Zambians and realise that our economy needs concerted efforts to thrive to acceptable levels. Blaming and counter-condemnation of each other will not develop this country but putting our ideas together regardless of our affiliation will help this country a great deal. Zambians need solutions to their challenges, not just politicking; Zambians can’t eat politics,” Mushanga said.
He said the PF had demonstrated ability to bear development through implementation of numerous projects that the opposition political parties had paid a blind eye to.