Gregory Chifire’s apology to Hichilima, denies statement

Gregory Chifire
Gregory Chifire's apology to Hichilima, denies statement

I have been informed that there is a media statement making the rounds in certain online media establishments attributed to myself concerning Mr Hakainde Hichilema.

I wish to state that i have not issued any statement on any matter,political or otherwise nor given any interview to any media house in a long time.


May i hasten to state that i am not interested in politics anymore and dont wish to have my name drawn into politics. May those that are enganged in politics cultivate their own lines of arguments minus the involvement of others especially those that are not concerned.


Suffice to state that in the today politics,those that involved should concentrate investing in meaningful debates that show mental prowes,not withstanding the many economic and social challenges bessetting our country.

May i take this opportunity to apologies to Mr Hichilima and the UPND family for any disconfort this misrepresentation may have caused.

Photo Credit – ‎Gregory Chifire


  1. Pipo Understand that there are no permanent enermies in politics so don’t take them personal otherwise u’ll gona promote segregation and conflict jst take it as debate already GBM is with HH was he not the one who Hated HH?