‘I need a woman who’ll appreciate my love-making techniques’

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

A LUSAKA man fed up with his wife comparing him to her former lovers has begged the Matero Local court to grant divorce so he can also meet a woman who will appreciate his lovemaking techniques.


Barely one year in marriage, Keno Mainga, 33, of Lusaka’s Chazanga township tearfully rejoiced after he was granted divorce. This is in a case in which, he sued his wife Carol Bwalya,30, for marriage dissolution.


“Things changed after three month of marriage when my wife started threatening to squeeze my manhood every time we had a misunderstanding. She is also fond of comparing me to her former boyfriend; that he was a gentleman who knew how to satisfy and maintain a wife and not me,” he said.
In his statement before Senior court magistrates Pauline Newa, Mainga said he only enjoyed the first three months of his marriage and thereafter, marital problems started.


The two got married in 2014 and have one child together. Bride price was not paid.
Mainga told the court that his wife is fond of telling him that he is weak in bed.
He told the court that every time he tries to make advances; his wife would jump off the bed to put on a tight pair of jeans while telling him not to dare touch her.



Mainga told the court that as days went by Bwalya moved out of their bedroom and started sleeping in the sitting room.
“I later discovered she was having an affair with a bus driver. Whenever, I questioned her about the allegations, she would get upset and stop cooking or preparing water for me to bath. Some of her friends have been mocking me, telling me that I have a ‘brother’ who is fond of visiting my wife when I go for work, yet I have no brother,”
Mainga said he fears being infected with HIV/AIDs due to Bwalya’s alleged promiscuity.


In her defence, Bwalya told the court that problems started when their first child was born and that her husband is promiscuous and irresponsible.
“He has an affair with a business woman and he is fond of disclosing our intimate issues to her,” Bwalya told the court.
Passing judgment, the court granted divorce and ordered Mainga to compensate Bwalya with K1,000 as compensation in monthly instalments of K300 starting by the month end. He was also ordered to pay K200 monthly as child maintenance with first instalment also being this month end. And the couple was ordered to share the property equally.



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