‘Lungu fulfilling election promises’

President Lungu
President Lungu

PRESIDENT Lungu is translating the Patriotic Front’s (PF) election promises into tangible results.
PF Media and Publicity Committee vice-chairperson Sunday Chanda has said President Lungu has shown strong resolve to find long-term solutions for the country’s challenges.



“President Lungu is providing leadership towards diversification of the economy and taking measures to reduce Zambia’s dependency on copper. His administration is making investments for purposes of diversifying Zambia’s energy sources from sole dependence on hydro-power to solar, coal, thermal and wind energy,” he said.



Mr Chanda also said Mr Lungu’s administration has ensured timely delivery of farming inputs and has provided a sustainable solution for mealie-meal prices through the procurement of solar-powered milling plants to be located in all 10 provinces of Zambia.


He said the President has increased the maize floor-price and is working on the improvement in post-harvest management and the establishment of strategic fuel depots.
“It is these decisions that define a leader and Zambia can be assured that President Lungu remains committed to a better Zambia,” he said.


Mr Chanda also said there is so much President Lungu has done in his first eight months in office and more will be done before the next elections.


“It is these works and his leadership style that shall speak for him in the 2016 elections to secure him another term of office,” Mr Chanda said.
Mr Chanda urged all Zambians to rally behind President Lungu and his Government as he makes decisions to reposition Zambia for the good of every citizen.


“During this season, the country needs to pull together and exhibit patriotism as the Government takes measures to strengthen the economy and respond to global warming-induced massive load-shedding, which has adversely affected households, small businesses like barbershops, hair salons, poultry, welding dependent on electricity, and big industries,” he said.



  1. troubled kwacha troubled business troubled workers in the troubled nation ……….. 2016 is round the corner

  2. Jesus walked on water! Moses parted the red sea! Samson killed the lion with bear hands and i tell you from what we hear 500 000 jobs will rain from the sky in 2016!! El will fulfill the promises by making rain.

  3. That he’s got no vision for the nation????? Yes everyone can see that mmmmmmmmmmm even himself

  4. What drugs do these guys take? It is us the citizens to tell you whether you are fulfiling promises, idiots.