Woman has sues husband over conjugal rights

Divorce Court

A LUSAKA woman has sued her husband for denying her conjugal rights for several months and physically abusing her in front of her sister.
Juliet Shawa, 20, of Chazanga township sued Daniel Mulenga, 28, for marriage reconciliation and the matter is presided over by Matero Local Court senior magistrate Pauline Newa who is sitting with magistrate Lewis Mumba..
Shawa told the court that her husband is fond of using vulgar language in front of their child. The defendant also denies her sex.

“Whenever I fall pregnant, he can’t even make an effort to buy clothes for our baby and I have to labour to buy everything. He must take up his responsibility,” Shawa said.
Shawa also stated that their parents are now tired of trying to solve the problems between Shawa and her husband.
“One day my sister met him with another woman holding hands. When I asked him why he wanted to marry another woman, he become angry and started insulting me and my parents,” he said.
She said her husband cannot even afford to pay the rentals.

“We are now squatting at my mother’s house. To create space for us, my mother had to evict tenants who were renting the house. This makes me feel bad,” she said.
In his submission, Mulenga told the court that his wife chased him out of the house. He said Shawa is fond of telling him that he is not man enough to satisfy her.
“I have not been able to pay the rentals because I was fired at a local construction company and now I’m doing odd jobs where I do not earn much,” Mulenga said.
Mulenga said he can only return home if his wife starts respecting him and begins to understand his financial challenges.
Passing judgment, the court reconciled the couple and ordered Mulenga to return home. Mulenga was also ordered to move out of his mother-in-law’s house and rent his own.


Zambia Daily Mail


  1. When u read matero local court you instantly know what the story is all about . I can work there

  2. It does nor make sense t sue sam1 fo reconciliation. Instead o checkin de route coz