It’s impossible to remove PF from power – Chitotela

Chitotela asking the crowd to support Edgar lungu
Chitotela asking the crowd to support Edgar lungu

Patriotic Front Pambashe Member of Parliament Ronald Chitotela says it is impossible for the Zambian people to remove the PF from government.

Mr Chototela has told QFM News that Zambians are not ready to change government because the ruling party has delivered massive development since taking over government in 2011.

Mr Chitotela who is also youth and sport deputy Minister says the PF has also created an enabling environment for young people to get into employment.


He is confident that the ruling party will be returned to power come 2016 because of the development it has delivered to the people of Zambia.

Mr. Chitotela adds that the Patriotic Front has also fulfilled most of the campaign promises made in 2011 and has earned it the confidence of the Zambian people.

And Central Province Minister Davies Chisopa says the opposition should wait for the 2016 general election and see how they will be humiliated by the ruling party.


Mr. Chisopa says people are impressed with the PF administration in view of the developmental projects taking place countrywide.

Mr. Chisopa who is also Mkushi South Member of Parliament says the recent by-elections the ruling party has scooped have vindicated the PF that it remains popular.



  1. You stupid corrupt leader Zambia doesn’t belong to father. Come 2016 we going to vote PF out office. PF has failed us the Zambian people.

  2. Even the MMD had that in mind.The PF will learn the hard way as the MMD did in 2011 dispite flashing money all over the place

  3. We expect ministers to advise our presido positively but some people around him want him to fail…watch the space.

  4. All we need is pf as zambians let p f give them ather 5 yars .on one at this time can say p f ,its not work ,guys opn yo had.

  5. Chitotela is fucked up.does he see how zambia is heavily taxed.starting from landlords to company owners.

  6. Mundala talk z cheap anything is possibo in zambia pipo voted to office even without compaignin careful u my eat yo words.

  7. Chiletotela pantu chena chilelya!
    It’s but a short time to enjoy and no amount of visionless statements will help you.
    With a cheap politicking self confessed visionless leader who thinks by saying “am directing FRA to buy maize at K75”.we’ve seen thru your tricks, and you wont get the accolades coz you played on the farmers mind bwana!
    Those are old tricks used B4 by KK….

  8. Mr chitotela which massive development? The problem wth us blacks is that when you are well u think evry one is ok, spend time to think wth your president maybe pipo can give u another term! Bt if things will remain like this, unless zambian becomes to be like zimbabwe or uganda. Zambians are very educated now and to lead them yu must be very innovative to convince them. Ask KAUNDA and RUPHEAR BANDA they will tell you!

  9. Stop cheating Edgar things ar nt alright in the country. Just becoz u ar enjoy poor pipo’s money and u think things ar ok careful

  10. its true,its impossible, come 2016,pf will win,they will b decived again, then dats wen dey will see de true colour of pf,umuntu ni hh

  11. Ati zambians are not ready to change government,,, come and us and see if we are not ready

  12. Tel chitotela that hi z foolish if him can eat&his family bt zambian pipo r sufaring,we ned change

  13. Come on guys there is no strong opposition in Zambia. development is there to be seen.only a blind person can’t c.

  14. I think the use of word impossible is what makes this whole issue like Ben ten10 cartoon. May be the MP should find a better term to use not impossible. Just thinking aloud.

  15. Right on the head Chitotela, we are not ready. We are staying with this party count 20 year from now if not 30.

  16. MMD had the same confidence…the fact is that PF you are going…decampaining is underway countrywide.

  17. Thank God for His Son Jesus. Sembe takutukanani baba. What you have said it like telling someone who is sleeping on an empty stomatch that ‘assume you have eaten’. However, you’ re too foolish to the extent of madness.

  18. Unless you are blind,which promises hav pf fulfilled?low taxes,new constitution within 90 days?pf cannot deliver anything except massivd accumulation of debt,high unemployment,high inflation rates,high fuel or energy prices,food prices hav risen and high taxes and you can still boast of development?only brainlocke zambians will put a vote on these people without vision

  19. Is the minister using his hrains or his lower brains when talking ?

    Surely are we making sense from his words? Hon. Kindly summon your brains then read thru your statement again….

  20. pf was pf wen Sata was in power not inoshita…. we have a vision less man leading us to no where but unemployment, load shedding, kwacha depreciation, economic collapse, corruption, etc

  21. No ways the state of the economy is very bad!!!To start with dollar naikwela,the school fees are also too expensive and moreover the cost of living is just getting worse by the day…but hey how can you feel the impact when you the so called government officials get huge sums of money and when you don’t even pay for anything!!!!Busy increasing school fees kaili your children learn abroad and the tax payers money paying for their education so kuti mwalanda ngefyo fine otherwise we don’t give a shit #kaili nothing changes regardless of who’s in power!

  22. Just prepare to be a back beacher if you will retain your sit not ka Jameson Ku plot 1 coz no more pay a future APA nii Zambia forward che…..

  23. Mr you are not my more than ready to change government..don’t be so deaf sir,which enabling environment,loadshedding or high cost of doing business?

  24. its the message others shouted loud and clear where are they today? when ur in power u can even say JESUS will never come again becos ur enjoying wait in due time u il knw that the same people can turn against u people!

  25. i thnk the so caled chitotela z de only peson & his family who r going 2 vote.we shall c.

  26. Please. ….people! When you support something support with good reasons not just making noise like an empty calabash.

  27. I didn’t know that you can fail to reason well, IT WILL BE DIFFICULT for the Zambian people to remove power failure (P f) who voted for you idiot? did you vote for yourselves? The same people who hav the right to say yes can stil say no later waumfwa.

  28. the problem with us zambians we think it is pf problem for us to be unemployed even the time of unip and MMD still there was no jobs and if you compare the time when MMD was in power there was no development pf has done a good job even if you vote for this tonga men who calls him self HH he will not afford to develop the country. Zambia still have 50 years to develop?

  29. hit like if u once heard unip and mmd talk this same nonsense. and where r both of them now?

  30. Please help Milenge district to develop. Milenge is the only district left behind in development…

  31. ewe chisota masive development kwisa ,tulefwa nolukungu ati masive .nibu minister ulelwisha.fishi fili ku mkushi.visity mkushi nechifuba tachipola

  32. “the PF has also created an enabling environment for young people to get into employment”
    ba Chitotela which environment?? How many youths r in employment and those lingaling in kombonis??

    Loleleni ba Chiotela,MuKATOTELA ifyo ama youths bakamicita, we are sending u on forced retirement, permanently!!!!

  33. Yeah , it is impossible in a country where 75 % of the population are stupid. And just follow anything without thinking.

  34. There’s nothing like impossible. The word itself it is telling you that “I’m possible”

  35. Chitotela if that’s what you think’then you are dreaming’unip was removed by mmd’mmd was removed pf’and pf will be removed out of power’we are tired with your sweet talk”

  36. Uyu wine Chitotela is very dull.cacine ni kandilepo.with a President who shys away from issues about the economic crisis.all we hear from him is winning the 2016 elections and travelling abroad.and u think u will remain in power,prepare yoself for a shock of yo lifetime.the truth is even in RB’s regime life was better despite the corruption.anyway 2016 is around the corner and we shall c.

  37. Yes if it is the pf that will vote & no if it will be the pipo of zambia that will be voting

  38. It’s true!! It’s not possible to remove PF out of power next year coz thy is no opposition so far.

    • Haina shout your mouth, we have no opposition in Zambia Were do u count HH The UPNDs. U monkey.

  39. The statement is the one which is not correct, both answers,those saying yes and those saying no maybe right.

  40. That’s wat RB thought as well until he cried out have only been in power for a short while but have sent our economy to the intesive care unit . There won’t be a sympathy vote this time for them no Guy Scott to campaign for them in 20 16 . I voted for Mr Sata but the man is gone so are his ideas the best choice we can make is to let him and his party rest in peace.We voting HH this time