Clive Chirwa acquitted, state fails to prove case

Professor Clive Chirwa
Professor Clive Chirwa

Former Zambia Railways Chief Executive Officer Professor Clive Chirwa has been acquitted on two count of abuse of authority of office and failure to disclose interest.

Magistrate Musukwa says the state failed to prove their case against Professor Chirwa.


He said there was no evidence that Professor Chirwa directed Zambia Railways to pay for his accommodation at Falls way Apartments.

Meanwhile, Lusaka Magistrate Obster Musukwa has convicted Former Zambia Railways Finance Director, Regina Mwale who was jointly charged with Professor Chirwa for abuse of authority of office.

Mr. Musukwa says Mrs Mwale paid for Professor Chirwa’s accommodation despite the Board having told her not to do so.


Magistrate Musukwa however said Zambia Railways can still recover the K72,000 from Prof. Chirwa as the money paid for his accommodation was not approved.

And speaking in an interview, Professor Chirwa said the experience was horrific.

And asked if he is ready to leave the country, Professor Chirwa said that he will not as he has started work at the Copperbelt University.